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These articles are provided by CornerStone Select, Inc to assist our clients and others to understand issues relevant to transportation and logistics.  Click on the title to access these documents.
TITLE Description
A Primer on CSSIs Transportation Sourcing Take a quick look at CSSI's approach and benefits to strategic transportation sourcing.  
FedEx's Game Changing Ground Strategy - May2014 May 2014 - FedEx sets new rules for lightweight, bulky shipments moving a significant amount of freight to dimensional prising.   Learn about this significant change in the industry and how it may affect your business.  
Strategic Transportation Sourcing Learn more about the data driven process that CornerStone Select, Inc. will undertake for your organization to drive savings through strategic transportation sourcing.  
Optimizing a National Fuel Strategy The rising price of fuel has made many supply chain professionals wonder what can be done to mitigate costs, and volatility regarding fuel. Learn how a major US government related agency looked to manage their fuel costs and reduce total fleet operating costs. This study was done as part of a new venture, The Sourcing Workbench, in partnership with Punctuate Systems.  
3PL Implementation Planning For several clients, CSSI has assisted in both the selection and implementation of a new Third Party Logistics provider (3PL) - this document shares some of the keys to managing a successful implementation with a 3PL.  
TMS Selection Insights If you are considering a new Transportation Management System (TMS) - there are a number of activities that your team should pursue to minimize risk and support an effective selection process.  
Controlling Inbound Transportation to Unlock Savings For many companies, the opportunity to control transportation is seen only from the perspective of outbound traffic. They have squeezed tje carriers and wrung efficiencies across their network. But for many, large savings opportunities are still overlooked - inbound transportation. Find out how you can achieve savings from 1-1.5% of the total cost of goods.  
Navigating the Storm:  Selecting the Season to Source Transportation Sitting back and waiting for the storm to pass in transportation sourcing is not the right thing to do. Understand the market, leverage your own freight profile, and incorporate a seasonal understanding to approach sourcing and increase your potential for success. This highlights what you need to know to navigate the storm...