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Is your company working hard to improve your supply chain or transportation operations, but not making any progress? Could you benefit from savings that can be up to 15% - or more - of your transportation expense? Or increase your warehouse productivity by over 10%?
CSSI Consulting has developed a comprehensive Technology Sourcing, Procurement and Implementation process that allows your company to quickly reap the rewards that the leading technology solutions provide. We have aligned our experiences with other leading clients and our experience inside of software providers to create a ready to launch process that will provide your team the information and experience they need to make the best decisions for your company. We have experience with the following technologies:
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Full Suite - Advanced Planning and Scheduling,
      Manufacturing Planning, Procurement, Fulfillment,
      Distribution, Visibility,Network Design, etc.
  • Transportation Management
    • Planning & Execution
    • Optimization
    • Procurement
    • Global Visibility
  • Warehouse Management
    • Inventory Mgmt
    • Pick/Pack Operations
    • Labor management
    • Yard management
  • RFID
How we can help you:
Our consultants have helped clients across industries get the most out of their technology partners through effective technology sourcing and implementation projects.
Our sourcing approach is designed to help you:
  • Establish key technology and project objectives, requirements and metrics/
  • Define and align the vendor capabilities with your business and supply chain strategies
  • Ensure that the selection, procurement and implementation of key technologies are aligned with key business processes and technical requirements
  • Develop a procurement strategy (RFI/RFP as needed) and execute a sourcing activity
  • Define internal requirements are captured and compared for providers
  • Prepare scripted demos for providers using actual data to ensure accuracy of capabilities
  • Complete a comprehensive business case including financial, technical and operational requirements
  • Develop negotiation strategies and acquire solution
Our implementation activitied begin prior to final signatures are completed on a new technology decision – and are often included in final negotiations. Our core implementation activities include:
  • Define implementation project plans, critical project and configuration milestones, pilot activities, and testing scenario requirements before roll-out
  • Provide communication strategy and mange expectations of internal and external stakeholders
  • Prepare and standardize data requirements
  • Define and align critical organizational and operational changes as a result of new technologies
  • Fully test and refine configuration and load requirements
  • Define contingency plans, revise roll-out activity requirements
  • Complete user training as necessary
  • Manage roll-out, adjust components as needed.

Our consultants help you address these and other critical supply chain needs.

Here, again, results are never the same for any two companies, but our experience across dozens of companies, and multiple industries have given us confidence in our ability to deliver results that are real and implementable. As part of our process, we will develop and deliver a comprehensive cost savings analysis that encompasses process, technology and financial cost savings. Significant improvements can be found in areas such as:
  • Lowering inventory costs
  • Increasing DC fill rates and store SKU in-stock ratios
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Reducing purchase transaction costs
  • Decreasing inventory mark-downs
  • Increased load building
  • Improved warehouse efficiencies
  • Decreased warehouse labor costs
  • Many, many others