Supply Chain
Client Situation:
A $50B(+) Big Box Retailer wanted to complete an assessment of its transportation activities - including key processes, organization and enabling activities of the organization.
CSSI Role:
CSSI consultants were subject matter experts to drive detailed data analysis to support key review areas.
Using a data driven approach, key reviews were completed in the following areas:

  • • Transportation benchmarks   (TL, LTL, Ocean, Small Parcel)
  • • Lane rate variances for contract review
  • • Modal optimization
  • • Routing Guide compliance
  • • Freight Payment
  • • Pool Distribution
  • • Inbound Conversation
In excess of $150M in savings were identified and stratified for the client to enact over a 18 month period. For all initiatives undertaken by client, savings exceeded 125% of target estimate.

Transportation Improvement

In a world that is in constant change, are your transportation activities aligned and ready to support your strategic initiatives?
CSSI realizes that your goods and services are only as good as your transportation network and supply chain allows... In order to ensure that you are getting as much out of your transportation as possible, we have developed a methodology based upon years of experience developing "best practices" and improving organizations around the globe.

As part of our leading methodology, we leverage our exclusive Transportation DashboardC to drive our analyses and improve your operations and profitability. This approach provides you insights into how competitive your operations are and where specific opportunities for improvement might exist. If you are looking for a broad, cross-operational assessment, or a deep dive into a select transportation area, we can help.

CSSI’s Transportation Dashboard©

Supply Chain Management Consultants

How we can help you:
Our transportation improvement services look to improve your transportation operations from the "Top" down - in a holistic approach across your organization. Select areas of the assessment include:

  • Transportation Strategy
    • How is it defined?
    • How does it support the overall business strategy?
  • Customer and Carrier Collaboration
  • Key Operating Areas
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Sourcing
    • Visibility
    • Inbound
    • Reverse Logistics
  • Freight Settlement
    • Claims Management
    • Surcharges
    • Freight Payment
  • Freight Admin
    • Rates Administration
    • Contract Management
  • Extended Transportation
    • Carrier Management
    • Fleet Management (including private fleets)
    • Global Trade Management
  • All enabling areas of the organization including Systems, People and Organizational skills, as well as Reports & Metrics
There has yet to be a company that we have not been able to find savings for. The ranges are fairly significant, but often ranges from 3-9% of total transportation spend for the area being reviewed.